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Grow your agency with the new Wix Partner Program

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Wix Marketplace

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Today, agencies and freelancers are searching for new opportunities to help them grow. There’s a variety of ways you can accomplish this, whether it’s expanding your service offerings, getting more clients or finding new ways to deliver better results.

We believe the best way to grow is to partner up. So that’s why we’re launching our Wix Partner Program for agencies and freelancers. Learn about all the benefits you can earn and how to scale your agency or business by joining.

What is the Wix Partner Program?

Our Partner Program is a free loyalty program that helps agencies and freelancers scale their businesses. For every live Premium website you create for a client, you’ll earn 100 points and unlock exclusive benefits.

How you can grow with our Partner Program

Generate qualified leads in the Wix Marketplace

One of the biggest challenges agencies and freelancers face today is lead generation. To help you conquer this challenge, join the Wix Marketplace as a Partner, and get hired by Wix users to design, develop and market their websites.

With over 160 million Wix users worldwide, our ecosystem offers a unique opportunity to match SMBs with Partners right from our platform. Wix users who would prefer to hire a professional have a wealth of options to choose from and in return, our Partners are committed to providing the best client experience.

You’ll be able to apply to the Wix Marketplace once you’ve reached Icon level and earned 2000 points in the Partner Program.

Earn valuable revenue share (coming soon)

We believe your loyalty should be rewarded. Once you’ve reached the highest level of our Partner Program, you’ll earn revenue share while you grow your client base on our creation platforms. You’ll earn 20% on select live Premium Plans you purchase, so you can invest back in your business.

Deliver better results with training and workshops

Switching to a new platform can be intimidating. With our training courses and workshops, you’ll strengthen your skills and close any gaps that come with learning a new platform. Not to mention, Wix was built for all proficiencies, so you’ll find onboarding intuitive.

Manage your revenue flow with client billing

Take the inconvenience out of your client billing process. With our Partner Program, you’ll decide how much to charge clients for their Premium Plan and domain and get paid directly to your bank account. Choose whether you want to bill clients monthly or send one-time invoices right from your Partner Dashboard. You can also customize your invoices with your design and logo, so you can keep your brand consistent from the first client touchpoint to handover.

Create a custom branded experience

You’ll be able to brand your site dashboard and work-in-progress with your agency’s logo. Plus, you’ll remove Wix ads from your clients’ dashboard, so you’ll have control over their experience from lead to handover.

Work with a dedicated account manager

Having a personal point of contact makes a world of difference. You’ll get paired with a dedicated account manager to help solve any business challenge, optimize your agency and be the first to discover new products, features and workshops.

Collaborate with your team

We made it simple for you to bring your entire team onboard and work in perfect collaboration on our creation platforms. Adding your teammates and assigning custom roles and permissions will help the right people edit, manage and market multiple sites without setbacks.

Minimize back and forth with live comments

You’ll get access to our get feedback tool, so you can share in-progress work with your clients and teammates. They’ll be able to comment and reply anywhere on site—just like any online mockup platform.

Be the first to test out product betas

Get live updates on new products and feature releases right from your Partner Dashboard. Join our beta group to experience new Wix and Editor X products before they’re released to the wider public. Share your feedback and help shape the future of the web.

Streamline your agency’s workflow with Ascend business tools

Take control of your project management with email marketing, task management and site automation tools.

Request custom solutions for your agency

When you reach the highest level, you’ll be able to request unique features and tools to help you solve any project barriers. Work directly with our team to meet your clients’ specific needs and keep your projects moving forward.

Get the solutions you need fast with priority support

As a Partner at any level, you’ll be able to request priority support right from the Partner Dashboard, so you get your questions answered first. Our dedicated Customer Care Experts for Partners are here to help you via email, chat and phone support 24/7.

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