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Web Design

New website, mobile site, site redesign and site migration. 

Marketing & Promoting

SEO, marketing and lead generation, written content and more.

Online Stores

Store optimizations and settings, shipping, payment capabilities and more.

Fifteen Twenty

Your favorite products, all in one place.

Fifteen Twenty is the place for managing all of your business projects. There’s no need to juggle a dozen platforms and logins. You can have your domains, Wix, Google Workspace, Business Plus, and more, all under one roof.

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Small Tasks

Analytics, domains, web guidance, updates and more. 

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Graphic Design

Custom logo, photography, image editing, brand development, and more. 

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Web Development

Database setup, integrations, custom functionalities, code advice and more. 

Wix+ user reviews

“Wix+ is the best. They were super punctual, communicated very well…I recommend if you need some work done these are definitely the guys to do it, the site they made for me is outstanding.”

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eCommerce Website

Full Spectrum Development 


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